20 jul 2016

Freelance Tutor Me On Outsystems as we Build My Robust Unique App

Joe – Posted by Joe102767 Anywhere

Job Description

I’m searching for someone to be my personal tutor each day to help answer my questions on how-to add functionality to my unique and robust application i am creating for my business using outsystems. I am very knowledgeable in computers and i.t. in general, with 25 years experience, and am a fast learner, but i need someone who can review what i am stuck on, or look at the functionality i am trying to add,  and help me add the correct functionality and connections to the databases so that i do not lose the time while learning and coding.  I will gladly pay $20 via paypal for 1 hour of help each day. I am a busy person and can spend an hour per day working with my hire, am in the eastern part of America, and am awake from 7am to 9pm each day and i’m sure we can find a good time to get together each day for 1 hour. I need someone who is reliable and enjoys helping others succeed, and who wants to help me succeed, who is optimistic and has positive energy. I use all types of conversation tools online, so we can connect and talk via any of them. I have documents and images detailing and summarizing the application i am making, and I have already begun creating my application in outsystems so i’m ready to rock and roll if you are!

Job Categories: Outsystems. Job Types: Freelance.


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